David's Fireworks* Party

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A few (mostly not very good) pictures from David's fireworks* party, held on Saturday 2nd November 2002. This is apparently a recurring event, I had meant to go along the previous year, but had a nasty cold so couldn't make it. However, I did manage to keep the same fireworks I'd brought the previous year. Making for a cheap night out. Marvellous.

* As I was helping David to light the fireworks, I didn't really get to watch many of them (I was mostly ducking for cover or reeling in pain at the point of them going off), and as a result, there's almost no pictures of fireworks. So it doesn't look like much of a fireworks party. But that's what it was, honest. I did however learn some valuable lessons about fireworks. Firstly, that lighting taper thingy they give you is there for a reason. Secondly, having rockets accidentally firing in the direction of the audience doesn't tend to impress anyone a great deal. Thirdly, the little stick bit of the rocket needs to be a fairly loose fit in the tube you put it in. Unless, like me, you're a fan of ground detonation, and don't have children to support. Fourthly, why the hell doesn't the fireworks code say anything about "not being pissed"...?

19:23:44 David thought it best to finish burying his ex wife before any of the guests arrived.

19:24:11 That poor lawn...

19:34:43 Do you think it's lit yet...?

19:53:05 Given that I was busy igniting the fireworks (and myself) I didn't really get a lot of pictures of them.

20:13:20 I can see definite signs of rain by this point.

20:16:59 Still, the inclement weather and dangerous explosives doesn't seem to have detered these plucky fellows from venturing outside...

20:17:10 You can't beat a contrived group photo.

20:17:22 Actually, I'd like to withdraw my previous comment. It appears you can beat a contrived group photo by having two, and one being better than the other, if you see what I mean.

20:22:02 I was going for a Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader look. Somehow I don't really think the girls' hearts were in it.

20:22:16 Yep it's definitely raining. I guess that's where having a gas powered barbeque comes in handy.

20:22:25 Erm. No point to this picture. Still though, rotating washing lines eh?

20:47:44 A number of people assist in dismantling a broom (or was it a mop?) handle to use as a launching tube for rockets.

21:02:44 David, barely visible through the smoke.

21:10:12 Erm, there may be a firework going off amongst all that smoke somewhere.

21:10:23 I'm pretty sure there's fireworks there. Ooooh, aaaaah etc.

21:10:34 Nope, no idea what (if anything) is going on here.

21:14:05 David looking ever so slightly shell shocked.

21:14:13 The grand finale. This was called a howling great super mega apocalypse or something like that. Here it is before...

21:17:06 ...and after. Unfortunately I seemed to have neglected to photograph any of the actual fireworks that came out of it. Ho, hum.

21:17:13 Well it's all over, so probably time to go inside.

21:17:25 I thought I'd survey the debris a bit.

21:19:34 Simon, with a mop.

21:19:54 Simon, putting a mop back together. Certainly this set of pictures are amongst the most mop-featuring I've ever taken.

21:52:50 Inside, and in David's lounge now. I thought I'd pass the camera around to try and get everyone in the room.

21:53:02 Errr, not sure what the folks over there are looking at. Blueprints for a radically new type of peanut? A jelly shaped like the Taj Mahal? A retired fishmonger's collection of pencil shavings?

21:53:14 Andy's attempts at levitation were a little disappointing. But nice try nonetheless.

21:53:33 We managed to get a passing crocodile to take this photo for us, with an impressive effect.

21:54:00 The evident risks of letting other people do the photography for you.

21:54:11 That's a bit better. Well done.

21:55:16 Errrr, did we mention the delay...?

21:56:53 This is nicely done, obviously someone with a bit of know how taking this one.

22:01:23 Simon fails yet again to recruit for his new religous cult centred around Peter Duncan.

22:03:02 There seemed to be a myriad of snack food present.

22:03:25 Interesting...

22:03:44 ...but what's everybody else drinking?

22:04:02 Andy decides, as a strategy to cut down on alcohol intake, he's going to mime drinking for the rest of the evening.

22:04:14 ...so one might assume this is part of an attempt to give up playing the guitar...?

22:05:13 Interesting multi-layered effect here. Nicely done.

22:05:44 For some crazy reason this picture brings The A-Team to mind. I have no idea why.

22:07:56 Stuart looking very much the dominant male here.

22:31:58 ...just in case Andy wasn't sure why his hair had got shorter the next morning...