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Monday 5th May 2003. A day out in the Cotswolds.

15:13:45 Here we are at our first stop of the day - Burford. I wanted to take a picture of these boars as, if memory serves, they appear to be exact copies of the ones in Florence (see here), which we'd seen the previous month on our trip to Italy.

15:14:00 The high street in Burford.

15:54:00 This was in a tearoom in Burford.

15:54:07 Mmmmmmm afternoon tea. I think this was our main objective in coming to the Cotswolds for the day - Chie wanted to go somewhere for her birthday where we could get afternoon tea...

15:55:02 I love these stacked up plate thingies...

16:03:40 I think Chie probably decided there was too much to eat in the end... I like the look of determination on her face here...

17:09:50 Now I think this is Stow on the Wold. It wasn't very interesting, to be honest! This picture was kindly taken by a passing stranger.

17:26:54 Here we are now in Bourton-on-the-Water "The Venice of The Cotswolds"... Well, not too sure about Venice, but it is nice nonetheless.

17:37:33 Slightly away from the centre of Bourton, there is a very nice meadow by the river where we went for a bit of peace and quiet.

17:38:18 Chie relaxing in the meadow...

17:38:26 ...even more relaxed!

17:40:04 The Lulu Guinness bag I'd given Chie for her birthday.

17:40:53 I particularly liked this shot, among the buttercups... I wondered at the time if Lulu Guinness might have wanted to use it for advertising...? Errr, probably not.

17:48:38 Back in the centre of Bourton on the Water again.

17:48:54 Nice mixture of colours in the trees over there.

17:56:10 Chie standing on one of the little bridges....

17:56:21 ...and again!