A Night at The College Arms

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A night at The College Arms pub, July 12th 2000, commented and uploaded over three years after the event, having miraculously survived a long period of isolation on a backup tape.

00:00:00 Coralie looking a little odd. I don't recall the chap on the right hand side's name here.

21:38:15 Mark, with another bloke whose name I don't remember. I think he might have been Mikaela's boyfriend, but I'm not sure.

21:47:22 Now this is definitely Tim.

22:02:29 Coralie attempts to hide behind a pint of beer.

22:02:39 Ben, unknown bloke and Mikaela seem to be discussing politics or something weighty here.

22:03:04 Not sure who this is, or why they're hidden behind what appears to be a pint of Coke.

22:05:10 Now I'm pretty sure this is me, and I appear to be either amazed or confused by my pint of lager, not sure which.

22:05:16 Coralie, again.

22:05:22 Tim, Ben, etc, possibly watching the TV.

22:05:49 Thingy, Mikaela (is this called pouting, I'm never sure) and Lisa, who seemingly is a bit camera shy.

22:05:54 That bloke, whatever his name was, looking very distinguished.

22:13:23 This is beer, plain and simple.

22:13:48 Mark having a "special" moment with his pint. This may have been him doing an impression of me.

22:28:28 You'd never believe this was July, based on my big thick jumper, now would you?

22:29:01 I think we're trying to contrive some girly pictures here...

22:32:21 I'm fairly sure this is meant to be an impression of Mark.

22:33:28 Look at cheeky wee Benny!

22:34:31 Something interesting is going on, errr, somewhere else.

22:35:02 Look at the size of that forehead!

22:35:15 Clearly much frivolity being had here.

22:35:36 An unknown bloke's neck.

22:36:44 I very curious couple of poses here.

22:37:46 I think this was supposed to be Mark doing an impression of me doing an impression of him at the same time I was doing an impression of him. The level of tedium in Mark's facial expression is quite special.

22:38:46 No idea what the purpose of this was.

22:49:38 Look at that ketchup. I'm noting the lack of label. Could be Daddie's, could be HP, could be Heinz. Who knows?

22:51:20 I think this is a botched attempt at getting a picture of me with the girls.

22:51:30 Not really the desired effect...

22:52:46 Mikaela looking slightly inquisitive.

22:54:27 An attempt at a "scandalous" photo that was clearly just never going to happen...

22:54:42 Look at this unlikely bunch.

22:56:15 ...a further unconvincing attempt to create scandal...

22:56:25 ...and again///

22:59:30 I think we're going back to failing at the "John with lots of women" shot. I'm clearly fed up by working with these amateurs.

23:00:24 Not really composed very cleverly.

23:00:57 Well, not as great as it could have been...

23:02:39 I think this is a hand over the camera.

23:06:01 Me and Ben, resorting to the old faithful fork in the eye shot.

23:06:22 Lisa, seemingly.

23:07:00 Mikaela, it appears.

23:07:30 Mikaela, and thingy blokey.

23:08:38 Some kind of tattoo...?

23:08:57 Mark with random things stuck in his head.

23:10:55 I think Mark had had a drinked poured on him, possibly by Mikaela, but not sure.

23:13:48 Interesting splash stain.

23:15:54 Coralie whispering stain removal advice in Mark's ear.

23:16:27 Vanish is best, apparently.

23:17:04 "But why was it necessary?" asks Mark.

23:21:16 Mark and Lisa, sort of arty. A bit.

23:24:35 Mark appreciating the fine menu in offer in the College Arms.

23:25:38 Ben, amazingly, drinking beer.

23:25:51 Is it about time to leave then?

23:29:15 Our group gathering outside.

23:45:11 I think this must be in Ben's room now, where we were watching some film or other.

23:57:16 Ben's room again.

00:26:45 Mark had gone to sleep, bless him.

00:27:02 Mark attempts to camouflage himself entirely under this pillow.

00:27:53 Mark, perhaps having a dream, is lifting up an imaginary fruit bowl here.

00:33:14 Mark awakes from his slumber so he can randomly attack Ben.

00:42:21 ...and then goes back to sleep again.

00:53:19 A spectacular toilet cistern thingy whatever you called it, labelled "The Burlington", which happens to be a pub near where Tim's mum lives in Blackpool.

01:19:17 No more photos!

01:21:33 Apparent joy at escaping Ben's house, including, orionically, or even ironically, from Ben himself.