Christmas Curry 2002

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Wednesday 18th December 2002. This has become something of a tradition at work, usually in the last full week before Christmas, a big group of us go to the nearby Indian restaurant one lunchtime. It's a sort of unofficial second Christmas party. As one employee once said "It doesn't feel like Christmas until we've had our curry". This year also acted as a sort of leaving do for Duncan.

13:12:12 David and Simon, who if I'm not mistaken is looking mildly afraid.

13:12:40 Andy and Simon.

13:12:56 Mmmmmm beer and poppadoms.

13:13:12 Andy again...

13:13:58 A view down this side of the table.

13:14:19 A blurry view down the other side of the table.

13:14:39 Me and Kundan.

13:15:11 Me and Kevin, sporting a very bizarre facial expression. I think this is "masked contempt".

13:15:21 A plate that had been previously used for the temporary storage of assorted pickles and chutneys.

13:15:40 Rich T and Kevin.

13:16:37 Andy V, with a bit of a "power to the people" style arm gesture.

13:17:19 Somebody's thumb (not mine!) obscuring what otherwise might have been a nice picture.

13:17:40 Must be waiting for our main courses now...

13:31:02 Strange angle of David and Adam.

13:31:20 Andy and Simon, with another slightly strange curry.

13:44:36 Adam looks suspiciously at something under the table, whilst Stewart is seemingly hiding his face in shame.

14:13:40 Very odd.

14:14:48 Must have mostly finished by now then...

14:29:36 Look! We managed to get Duncan in as well!

14:30:34 A bit odd.

14:30:55 Ok, well time to go back to the office then.