Chinese Meal (or Reunion Part 2)

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Sunday 13th July 2003. A few pictures (that mostly didn't come out that well, unfortunately) of the second part of the reunion weekend for Chie's old friends from St. George's - a meal in China town, London. See also the previous evening. The pictures really don't do it justice, but this was an absolutely great evening, surrounded by some really excellent people from all over the world. The food was really nice too.

19:17:15 Taken (perhaps by accident) on the way into central London. I couldn't help but be impressed by Chie just getting into the car and driving right into the centre of the biggest city in the UK without making any fuss at all.

19:17:41 A man in the next lane to us had a hand puppet on for some strange reason, although we just missed it in this picture...

19:17:58 ...but got it here.

20:18:37 In the restaurant now. I was impressed by this "Vegetarian Chicken".

20:19:51 Ben and Kristina, slightly blurred.

20:20:10 Yoshimi and Yumipe reading the menu.

21:11:50 Our whole table, very kindly taken by one of the waiters.

21:16:49 Ee, Tetsu and Hauke (I can guarantee I've made at least one spelling mistake there).

21:18:52 A completely missed picture - I think Hide was trying to take a picture of the whole table, but made the standard mistake with my camera of not realising there's that irritating delay.

21:19:02 The picture Hide meant to take first time round.

21:23:04 One of many Canpai! during the evening.

22:31:41 It looks like I'm leaning on Tetsu for support here! We may have been on our second bottle of sake by this point...

22:34:30 Tetsu demonstrating orange eating.

22:39:06 Ben and Yoshimi, and a slightly odd blurry effect.

22:41:55 Me, slightly off centre, with a cup on my head. Of course.

22:49:49 Yumipe, Hide and Tetsu.

22:50:17 Kristina and Ben trying to look as Japanese as possible.

22:50:33 Strange picture to end on - Yoshimi and Yumi fiddling with their cameras.