chinese liquor
And some photos that prove that John and I should not drink it

John, Sarah and I went to the Chinese. After a bit, Sarah left us to it, so it was simply our duty to drink two bottles of Sake, a few pints, and some rice wine liquor stuff called:

(I went back to check!)

Then back to my house for a nightcap. What better than a bottle of champagne??? We really ought to know better!

Yes John, it is Verve Cliquot. And very nice too; would you like some sir? Ooh, sir, would you sir?!

Rowanboy pretending to play the swanky new zebra thing. Air guitar at its best?

Chinese food always gives John constipation.

Clodagh, being sober at this point, has spotted the food in Tom's hand...

...and she *really* wants some. Ain't she cute??

Our cat - Joe Black - lives up to his name and has a certain evil look. Check the eyes!

Not a bad picture considering that I am fucking wrecked by this point.

John, however, does look wrecked. And confused. Probably I was talking bollocks and ssllluuurrringggg by then.

Clodagh likes to fight and bite. I clearly think it's funny.

That'll be Clodagh looking at something then.

It's a bad sign when the room actually spins.

This shot prooves that either we picked up some random Theale girlies to take pictures, or were still capable of working the self timer on my camera. Which??

We were SO drunk. But happy.

John finally looks like a man who's consumed more alcohol in one night than the rest of Theale put together.

"Verve Cliquot. Nice, Rowan, Nice."

John demonstrates his musical "talents." He did especially well as that guitar doesn't have any strings at the moment...

Charming. Why am I on the floor?

More playing with Clodzilla.

Enforced cuddles.

Look in the background. Sarah (sober) is back. Did we start behaving? No.

Me with the faux fur zebra throw over thing.

Our dining room. At an odd angle.

Sarah looking dubious about something I'm telling her. "Us? Drink? Never!"

Taz can be scary too. She was just telling me about her day at this point. Visited the queen apparently.

Bollocks. I fell on my arse in the (plaster) dusty conservatory.

I pissed. I sit down here. No move now. Quite a posed looking shot. Nicely framed John!

Nellie escaped out into the conservatory. So we went out there to join her. Poor thing!

Looks like I grabbed Baggins too.

"Don't take my picture you drunked bastards!" Sarah is making Johns bed for him.

I "helped". This photo was shortly before I fell down the stairs and hurt my shoulder. It still hurts now. Bastard stair carpet. Nothing to do with alcohol I promise you.

The pain didn't stop me being abusive though.

You have to be careful. You never know what you might find under our stairs....