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A trip to Chinatown for Dim Sum, on Saturday 12th February 2000.

14:00 ish Here's a nicely composed but badly lit group picture of us all under one of the gates to Chinatown.

14:00 ish ...pretty much exactly the same thing again...

14:00:13 The Chinese New Year celebrations were obviously around this time, what with the decorations and everything.

14:01:20 Another nice group picture, with some stone lion type things in the background.

14:31:46 In the restaurant where we went for dum sum. This may have been the first time I used the now standard technique of passing the camera around the table to make sure everyone gets in a picture. Here's Bob.

14:31:55 ...and there's Paul.

14:32:01 Mr. Werry.

14:32:20 Shamefully, I can never remember this guy's name, despite him having been on my course, and having met him countless times since...

14:32:32 Now this is deinitely me.

14:32:41 Here's Sam.

14:32:47 Mark and Mae.

14:33:01 Mae and Mark.

14:54:39 I'm not sure Paul's got the chopstick technique quite right here.

14:56:44 Sam digging into what was, if I recall, a chicken's foot.

15:00:43 Mae and Mark, clearly a bit more adept with the old chopsticks than Paul.

15:29:42 Paul trying to work out if the contents of this bamboo steamer is dead yet.

15:45:09 My pulling an odd face, whilst enjoying the almost criminally nice vegetarian spring rolls. So nice in fact, I couldn't believe they were really vegetarian.

15:54:51 The bill, and some cash.

15:55:21 ...some more cash lined up.

15:58:46 I'm glad we only saw these big bins of slops on the way out of the restaurant, as opposed to the way in. I couldn't help but wonder where the fillings for those spectacular spring rolls came from.

16:01:11 Some entrepeneurs giving three of our group massages...

16:02:15 Paul seems to be enjoying it particularly.

16:04:41 ...if I recall correctly the masseurs and masseuses were arrested shortly after this.

16:22:55 It's important to take a picture of a fire exit every now and again.

22:59:51 Much later on that evening. Five of us went to a comedy night, somewhere or other in London, which included the rather excellent Phil Nichol, who was later to become a firm favourite of both mine and Mark's.