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Saturday 15th - Sunday 16th January 2005. A weekend away (well just one night really) in Cheltenham, staying at the rather nice Queen's Hotel, followed by a quick trip to Malvern on the way home.

14:37:46 This is after checking in at our hotel, before heading out for the afternoon for a wander. I rather liked the stairwell here.

15:43:41 We stopped off for a cup of coffee in the Cheltenham museum coffee shop.

15:43:56 I had a cheese scone, which was rather nice actually.

17:50:50 Having had a hankering for a glass of champagne, we popped into a wine bar before dinner, and there got talking to a very nice chap who took this picture for us.

19:43:44 We decided to have dinner at the hotel largely because it was easy, but it turned out to be rather a nice meal. Chie had some sort of game stew...

19:44:00 ...and I had truffle ravioli.

19:44:09 Not sure why we needed this picture of the table.

10:34:08 Sunday morning we had breakfast and then checked out. This is Chie taking a picture of me whilst waiting to check out.

10:34:47 Chie clearly liked the floor in the lobby as much as I did!

11:58:28 After another wander round the town centre we decided to head off, and I got this picture of the hotel just before leaving.

11:59:03 ...oh and this one.

12:22:54 We wanted to drink some of the spa waters, so headed up to the Pittville Pump Room in the North of Cheltenham... disappointingly we found that for technical reasons (or something like that) we weren't currently able to drink the water...

12:23:15 We decided the pump room would make a nice wedding venue, if you happened to live in Cheltenham.

13:24:49 Undeterred by our failure to drink any spa water, we decided instead to head over to Malvern. I remembered being taken to this place up in the hills by my Dad, where you can drink water fresh from the spring... Pleasingly we were able to find it thanks to directions from Dad, and here's Chie enjoying the lovely aqua...

13:25:18 Me also enjoying it. Hard to convey but this was really, really nice!

13:30:31 Another picture of me filling up a bottle - there were plenty of other people visiting to fill up bottles too - obviously a popular weekend outing for the local populace.

13:30:38 ...and again.

14:35:27 A little way outside of Cheltenham (Birdlip?) on the way back we stopped off to take a look at the view from this popular viewpoint... which unfortunately my camera made a mess of.

14:35:41 Really disappointing - just dark and non-descript. Ho, hum!