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July 1999. Here's some pictures of me helping out at Highfield School 2nd year camp, in July 1999. Well, in fact I'm not really helping much in any of the pictures! The site could hardly have been better, right next to Lake Windermere (in the lake district that is). For more camp related stuff, see Tim's site.

Me, possibly in the morning, and just about the only picture in existence of me wearing a hat. Perhaps. This appears to have been taken in the marquis.

Me on top of that big mountain thing (Gomers?) which overlooks camp, the last night I was there, when there was a big party thing for all the helpers.

Me and Tim. Niiiiice.

Me and Bilbo. Also Niiiiice.

A small selection of helpers. not quite sure what I was looking at here, but I seem a bit vacant.

A larger slection of helpers. From left to right, starting with the furthest row, we have Al, erm, some bloke whose name I forget, Carl (Woody), me (just about visible), Immy, Tim. On the next row down we have Kev, Sean and Danny, and finally on the nearest row there's Bilbo and Lisa.