British Museum and Abeno

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Simon and co were making a daytrip to London Saturday 11th May 2002, and I thought I'd meet them there for a wander around the British Museum, and then dinner at Abeno just round the corner. As it happens, it was today Simon told me him and Susanna were getting married (hooray!). On the downside, this was also the day my second camera died. So these are some of the last pictures taken with it.

15:12:22 The guys outside the British Musuem.

16:36:48 Simon enjoying some (if I recally correctly) very expensive beer, in the main hall of the British Museum.

16:37:25 Susanna about to sample Simon's beer...

16:37:29 ...I guess she didn't like it.

16:41:40 Around the table. Very nice lighting here.

16:42:11 ...a bit closer.

18:54:41 In Abeno now - and look, Darren has joined us. I think this must have been part way through our okonomiyaki being cooked, as there are little lid things on the hotplate.

18:54:56 Here comes the tray of sauces then...!

19:02:34 Simon and Susanna tucking into their assorted bits and pieces.