Brighton Again

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Saturday 5th April 2003. We had hired a car for the weekend, as it was Tom and Sarah's wedding on the Friday. So, we thought we'd put it to good use on the Saturday, and drive to Brighton so I could get some new shoes.

13:23:50 On the way to Brighton, we made a stop off at a Little Chef. I think it may have been Chie's first time to eat at one of these fine establishments. She was apparently rather taken with the plates.

13:24:08 Look - a clean plate! Does this mean I get a lolly?

17:19:13 A coffee shop in Brighton, Chie seemingly very pleased about her cheesecake.

17:19:34 Me enjoying my coffee. I think we were both very tired, so the coffee was much appreciated.

17:19:39 ...evidently Chie wasn't happy with the first picture.

17:26:15 Nicely done Chiechan.

17:49:51 Of course no trip to Brighton would be complete without a quick trip to the beach. Chie here is modelling the Vegetarian Shoes bag.

17:50:14 The pier, from a distance.

17:50:25 Me and the Vegetarian Shoes bag.

17:50:46 Me and Chie on the beach.

17:50:57 Just Chie.

17:51:41 The pier that had recently burnt down.

17:56:14 Beach and sea.

17:56:21 Sea and sky.