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Thursday 21st February 2002. Me and Chie on a quest to Brighton to find bona fide Vegetarian Shoes.

13:07:07 Chie on the train on the way to Brighton, with her letter from Gyosei containing (I think) her results.

13:12:48 Chie looking fed up, approximately five minutes later.

13:12:56 Me, looking a bit stunned. Possibly at how clever Chie is.

13:54:23 Chie eschews all the media attention surrounding her excellent results.

13:54:56 Not much to say here!

15:12:45 Chie on the platform at Brighton station.

15:36:20 After arriving in Brighton, we were a bit on the peckish side, so decided to pop into this place - Quizno's - for a late lunch. It was very nice! I think Chie had some kind of soup...

15:36:32 ...and I had a sort of toasted baguette thing.

15:36:36 we both had cappucinos by the looks of things.

15:47:37 An unusual nose attachment...

16:29:59 After our late lunch, we set about our main task: finding the Vegetarian Shoe shop.

16:30:17 became fairly clear which shop it was once we saw the sign.

16:30:49 Another picture before we wandered off, possibly taken to help me find it on my second visit.

17:00:30 I think Chie had a picture of this, English's Oyster Bar, in her guide book, so I decided she ought to be taken standing outside it.

17:05:02 Me in the grounds of Brighton Pavillion.

17:05:46 Chie in front of Brighton Pavillion.

17:05:51 An experiment in composition...

17:12:34 Chie and a fountain.

17:12:59 Me and that same fountain.

17:15:21 Chie, on the road that goes along the seafront, with Brighton Pier on the other side.

17:15:31 Errr, seems to be a traffic light.

17:16:25 Me, with Brighton Pier in the background.

17:18:16 Chie and Brighton Pier.

17:18:20 ...there now follows a lot of pictures messing about...

17:18:25 ...on Brighton's stony beach...

17:18:40 ...and I can imagine I'm going to struggle to write comments for all of them...

17:18:44 I think this could work as an advert for Vegetarian Shoes...

17:18:49 ...hmmm...

17:18:55 Looking back, it must have been quite a stormy day out at sea.

17:19:00 I think this is me trying to pose for a blatant advert.

17:19:02 Interesting angle there.

17:19:21 Just me and Chie basically.

17:19:47 Mmmmm storymy sea.

17:20:35 A highly specialised pointing operation here. Slightly penguin-esque, I think.

17:22:51 Chie and the pier again.

17:23:08 Erm.

17:23:19 The pair of us again.

17:25:47 View along the shoreline.

17:27:40 On the pier now.

17:27:55 The buildings on the seafront.

17:29:57 Me standing in front of a fence.

17:30:01 Me standing in front of a fence again.

17:30:21 Me standing in front of a fence with some buildings behind me.

17:30:27 Me standing on the pier, in front of a fence, with some buildings behind me, taken in portrait.

17:33:28 Chie in among the fairground attractions on the pier.

17:33:38 Lots of interesting lights to take pictures of...

17:35:01 Hard to imagine it's all on a pier in a way.

17:35:26 Chie almost invisible here thanks to the lighting effect.

17:35:59 Either me or Chie pointing out to sea.

17:38:21 A helter skelter, I think.

17:40:00 Getting dark now...

17:41:05 A dolphin bin type of thing.

17:41:35 A gypsy caravan.

17:50:53 Chie standing by the sign for Moshi Moshi sushi. Apparently one of the first sushi bars to have opened in England.

20:14:06 The Fountain House, where we had a very nice Lebanese/Persian dinner.

20:24:02 At the station, Chie with some sticks of rock.

20:32:04 On the train, a bit tired.

20:32:23 Smile everyone!

20:47:32 Look at those lovely new shoes!