Beer Festival

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Friday 30th April 2004. A night spent at Reading's annual beer festival.

20:36:33 Chie's friends from work, Hiroko and Masako, enjoying a couple of beers in the quiet tent. I think these may have been from the Celtic beers bar, which was conveniently located in the quiet tent.

20:39:46 A very blurry picture of me and Chie.

20:40:13 A not so blurry picture of me and Chie. Note the pistachio shells in the foreground.

20:49:19 A little while later, and we were joined by the boys - Barry, Kev and Mike. Also Barry's friend, whose name I don't recall. Possibly a Dave.

21:40:26 Masako explains something which appears complicated to Kev.

21:47:07 Outside the quiet tent, a pleasingly manly shot of men drinking beer.

21:47:41 From left to right we have: Barry, possibly another Dave (?), Anthony, me, David and Simon.

22:02:54 It was clearly mandatory at some point in the evening to go and visit Russ, who was selflessly working behind the bar. He wasn't too happy about this picture being so close up, but I think it has come out rather well.

22:03:04 Russ, proudly staning in front of the barrels he was "managing".

22:03:52 Simon, David, and me in front of Russ's section of the bar.

22:04:09 ...and again, with a bit of Russ in.

22:04:28 A cleverly composed vista, with Russ appearing between Simon and David. Erm.

22:49:38 Men outside, including Gordon in the middle with some kind of sandwich/burger thing.

22:49:49 Mike (a vegetarian) comically pretends to eat some of Gordon's meaty pig sandwich, in this rather blurry action shot.