Reading Beer Festival 2003

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On Friday 2nd May 2003, Chie, myself and a host of other people wandered along to Reading Beer Festival, for an evening of beer drinking with a lot of beardy drunken old men. Actually this stereotype is now howlingly inaccurate, but still, it's a nice mental image nonetheless. It seems to get bigger better every year, and hopefully a good time was had by all. We were only there for the evening, and perhaps uncharacteristically I didn't seem to be taking a lot of photographs. Still the ones that were taken are fairly pleasing.

19:12:06 Not long after me and Chie arrived at the beer festival. I wanted to get a picture while there was still some daylight. From left to right, Chie, Iguchi sensei, Namara sensei, Kasahara sensei, Nozaki sensei and Shusukesan. The Japanese teaching profession was well represented at this year's beer festival.

19:12:25 More or less the same, but with me in it instead of Chie. The sensei were all drinking English wine. They all very politely said it was quite nice.

19:41:57 Looky-here, if it isn't Stewart, Mike and Garry! I like the way when asked to pose for a picture they actually move further apart than they were before. Good work chaps. You'll note I wisely delayed taking this picture until Graham had gone to the toilet. This is one of the principal reasons I ended the evening in possesion the same number of limbs I'd started with.

19:43:45 Russ, who was on the world beer bar, taking Chie on a brief alcoholic tour of Belgium.

19:43:52 I think the blue coat may have been some form of political gesture, but it was way over my head if it was. You may also note the highly trained pointing technique Russ has there. Quite remarkable.

21:16:42 Well would you believe it, amongst that sea of unfamiliar faces, it's Mr Mark Gasson! Marvellous! Also enjoyable is the slightly scary chap on the left hand side.

21:16:58 Women! Know your limits! I think these were friends of either Justin or Mark, but I'm afraid I don't remember their names.

21:17:25 Naturally you'll be as shocked as I was to learn that Ben was present at a beer festival. This picture also features part of James Ferryman, and the back of Tiny's neck.

21:43:38 I think the group of sensei (I wonder if there is a proper collective noun I should use here) were about to leave, so here's a lovely group shot of them all just before they left. I think they would have stayed longer, if it hadn't been so cold, which is a shame.

21:59:50 Chie, Shu and I decided to try and fit in another hour's good solid drinking. Stewart and Garry, it appears, were also staying for the duration.

22:00:00 Garry demonstrating his now legendary double pistol fingers, with Chie sort of half responding.

22:00:26 I had to give it a go, and Shu seems to have picked it up very quickly. Stewart, on the other hand, was abstaining as some form of political protest.

22:04:45 A random and unnecessary picture of Shu and Garry, purely by coincidence both covering their mouths.

22:29:10 I really like this picture! Well done to Justin, who, if memory serves was the photographer. Good work sir!

22:30:05 Another group shot, slightly odd lighting and perspective here, still, at least it's a bit different. I'm slightly concerned by the maniacal serial killer style look on Chie's face though.

22:39:06 Just before we left, it clearly seemed important to squeeze photogenic Mr. Gasson into one last picture. Also particularly nice is the guy behind Mark's shoulder, who decided he wanted to be a part of this little ensemble too. Lovely.