Barry's Pie Night

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On Saturday 12th January 2003, to celebrate Barry's birthday, myself and a number of colleagues accompanied him to Sweeney & Todd's pie emporium for an evening of pies (probably very nice) and cheese salads (definitely not very nice). Shockingly, certain individuals among those present were also drinking beer.

20:27:35 Here's Adam kicking off the proceedings in the time honoured fashion: by strangling Jeremy.

20:28:26 Birthday boy Barry clearly overjoyed at the overwhelming generosity of the present I had brought along for him.

20:28:47 A close up on those lovely paper clips.

20:31:49 Here's a totally random woman that got in the way whilst I was trying to take a picture of David.

20:31:59 Here's the original picture of David I was trying to take. There's an element of Jekyll and/or Hyde about it don't you think?

20:47:16 This is the punishment Sweeney & Todd's doles out to anyone who admits to being vegetarian. Four slices of cheese, some bland salad, an unnecessarily large pile of pickle, a pickled onion, but no bread or anything. Where's the carbohydrates? Where's the flare, passion and inspiration? The gastronomic cohesion? Clearly assembled by a not-very-intelligent chef.

20:47:26 Jeremy treating the poor excuse for a meal with all the respect it deserves.

20:48:27 Mike asked for some coleslaw with his. This was almost all he got.

20:51:01 Having dispatched Jeremy via the medium of asphyxiation, Adam moves onto his next target, Swiss, this time opting for a blunt knife instead.

20:51:32 Swiss demonstrates his technique of choice when entering pie hurling contests.

20:51:51 Kevin, the cheeky little rascal, who had broad beans and cauliflower cheese on his plate. It looked quite nice.

20:57:14 Adam treating everyone to a brief opportunity for pie inspection.

21:04:48 I don't know if this is meant to represent absent friends or something... Maybe David took this one.

21:05:10 Our group was split across two tables. In order to get a better representation of those present, I told David to take a picture of his table. I'm not sure if he fully understood me.

21:05:27 The lovely Jeanette, who had the slight misfortune of sitting a bit too close to David, photographically speaking.

21:05:32 Jim and Jemma, over in the corner.

21:05:40 Barry, bless him, with his very small camera.

21:05:48 I assume David was still taking pictures at this point.

21:06:19 Cheesey couple shots are obviously par for the course.

21:07:09 Jim has the wonderful talent of looking like he's about to start a fight in about 50% of the pictures he appears in.

21:10:12 The "other" table. The shot I was hoping David would get when I originally gave him the camera. In fact, I think I took this one in the end. Evidently, Barry somehow or other has friends he doesn't work with.

21:11:07 My table. Note the abundance of t-shirts with the number 3 on. This must have some cosmic significance.

21:11:25 The other side of the table I was sitting on. Such was the extent of jolly atmosphere in the room that even Ian agreed to appear in this picture, albeit somewhat murkily in the background.

21:21:10 Clearly it is time to pay the bill. Our table left a tip of just under three quid. Although there were some present who thought even this was a little generous.

21:26:13 Mike admires the charming decor.

21:41:50 Just up the road now, in the Brewery Tap. My camera started going funny, and I think this was just a test picture to see if it was still working. However, Kevin has an odd facial expression and I'm therefore rather pleased with it.

21:42:29 More unusual facial expressions abound. I think this is the first picture of the evening in which I'm actually present.

21:58:42 Barry and Jeanette both looking lovely as ever.

21:59:15 We're all smiling far too much here. It is deeply worrying.

22:10:06 I can't help but be reminded of the old "Hands up if you use Right Guard" advert here.

22:23:42 Jim ponders the most effective manner in which to tear out Barry's spleen.

22:36:22 A certain amount of merriment occurs around the table.

22:37:46 I'm not sure what prompted Mike to adopt this somewhat unusual pose, however I feel very responsible.

22:38:20 I appear to be mid shudder here. Also, the perspective has had a bit of a weird effect, making my pint glass look massive (or just me very small).

22:44:48 Alcohol may have been an influencing factor in the increasing randomness and pointlessness of the pictures from here on.

22:52:26 I think I missed a bit. Oh well.

22:57:01 I guess we're in the process of leaving here.

22:57:23 This is like a complex landscape of people's heads, and is very artistic and that. No, really.

23:39:43 Me and Kevin on the train on the way home, eating fizzy flying carpets from Woolworths. They were very nice.