Back of Beyond

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An evening of drinking with no real purpose at the very cheap Back of Beyond in Reading on Sunday 1st June 2003.

21:46:23 It is Mr. Lang, and no mistake.

21:46:44 Whilst Rob's back is turned, Mark seemingly acts out a fantasy of breaking his neck.

21:47:23 A lovely bit of floral frontage.

21:48:15 Rob and Chie, who was quite tipsy by this point.

21:50:59 Didn't really come out, but here was an article all about paruresis - the inability to wee whilst standing next to someone else.

22:17:45 Here is Byrnie presenting Rob with a ceremonial fork.

22:17:56 Everyone loves forks.

22:24:40 Everyone loves flower arranging.

22:25:16 I had been to Boots earlier, as can clearly be seen here.

22:25:28 Look - it's the menu.

22:25:37 Mark skillfully obscures both eyes with a flower (possibly fake), Rob looks shocked, and I think that might be me thrusting Chie's bag into shot.

22:25:50 Rob, in the midst of what is almost certainly a textbook guffaw.

22:25:55 You can't really see through those can you Mark?

22:26:02 Byrnie finds it all patently rediculous.

22:26:09 Nice to know I've got at least one ear.

22:26:17 Mark is not tempted by Byrnie's generous offer of a fork.

22:26:25 Not sure why I had to hold the camera case in this fashion. I must have panicked.

22:26:31 Mark could well be asleep here.

22:26:58 Rob and Mark.

22:27:06 Bynie points at high speed in my direction.

22:27:21 Chie getting the peace symbol classically confused.

22:35:26 Blurring again.

22:35:38 As always, the flash seems to kill of the ambience.

22:35:50 Still, this is rather nice nonetheless.

22:37:46 Lots of empties there. Lovely.

22:37:59 Bynie thought I was changing at Crewe.

22:38:15 Rob with the most monstrous mugshot he could muster.

22:38:26 Mark looking a bit disillusioned.

22:38:34 Another in the now extensive catalogue of Byrnie's facial expressions.

22:38:45 Me. Gin and tonic was very cheap, dangerously so in fact.

22:39:50 Chie forgets where her mouth is exactly.

22:40:16 The lampshades over our heads.

22:40:41 Through a bottle/glass...

22:41:22 ...and again.

22:42:00 Sort of missed.

22:42:11 The side of Chie's head.

22:43:18 Chie sucking on a bit of lemon.

22:46:15 Mark instructing us to leave.

22:46:49 Time to go home.