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On Saturday 21st June 2003, me and Chie went along with some people from my company for a day at the races. I discovered I didn't really enjoy horse racing very much, however I definitely did enjoy sitting outside in the sun and drinking a lot of champagne.

10:51:32 Here's a few of us milling around the car park, champagne in hand, having a jolly nice time.

11:22:40 Out gazebo, and Chie looking very lady like outside it.

11:22:51 Chie again.

12:49:29 Deckchairs in the foreground, and Rory's strange bowling type game behind.

12:49:41 Here it is again. No idea what this is called.

12:50:10 No, I'm fairly sure this hat doesn't suit me.

13:08:31 Me and Chie enjoying the sun.

13:35:45 Chie already looking a bit rosey cheeked from the champagne.

13:35:56 The gazebo again.

13:45:50 All of our group (apart from me as I was taking the picture) in front of the gazebo, just before we headed into the actual racing bit.

14:12:51 It was very busy...

14:13:01 A lot of people there. Those little umbrellas are the bookies.

14:30:09 Backs of more people's heads.

14:30:27 ...and the same thing again really.

14:39:36 ...and again.

14:58:35 Chie in one of the bar tent things.

14:58:58 Me, Mike and Natalie.

15:37:53 Natalie, Mike and Chie relaxing on the grass.

15:38:23 Just chie here.

15:38:45 Me presenting the race course.

17:33:47 Chie sitting on a stool in the paddocks bit.

17:34:24 I was rather fond of these stools.

17:34:34 Why not take two...?

17:35:08 A bit of my head.

17:35:23 Another dual self portrait.

17:36:34 Some people looking at a horse.

17:43:55 The "First" post.

17:46:48 This here is supposed to be a picture of Frankie Detori winning an award, possibly for "Being the only jocky anyone has ever heard of." However he is obscured by the man presenting it.

17:46:53 He really is almost too wee...

17:46:58 Aha, you can just about see him here.

17:47:39 I was trying to get another picture of Frankie here, but he ran past slightly too quickly.

18:05:07 After the last race, there's an uncomfortably patriotic bout of singing. Note the union jacks here.

18:05:24 The bandstand.

18:56:24 Back at the gazebo, still the champagne is flowing freely.

18:56:30 George was aiming at the group next to ours it seems.

19:59:44 Time for a last few slurps of champagne...

20:13:37 ...before it's time to pack up...

20:17:19 ...and go home...