Zurich and Baden - Zurich October 2009

Zurich and Baden

Sunday 11th October 2009

Spent the morning and evening in Zurich, and an afternoon excursion to nearby Baden to visit the thermal spring there.

Zurich October 2009
10:53:33 Chie on the tram.11:08:46 Chie looking at some swans.11:10:06 I rather like the sky in this picture, above some of the spires of Zurich.
11:10:17 Close up of the same.11:10:49 ...and again in portrait.11:12:40 ...and again.
11:14:28 Chie having a go at one of Zurich's many public drinking fountains.11:15:31 Chie on a bridge.11:16:06 The Romanesque cathedral in Zurich.
11:17:54 Nice colourful buildings in this little square.11:19:34 ...and from the other angle.11:19:50 I rather liked this feature - I believe this is called an oriel window?
11:54:29 Pretzels!11:57:03 Lunch - beer, pretzels and sausages (only Chie had the sausages of course).11:57:12 Those are gherkins inside there. Very nice too.
12:30:09 Getting on the train to Baden now.13:02:00 So here we are in Baden.13:02:24 Close up on that nice little bridge.
13:04:19 Here's the town tower.13:05:14 ....and a pleasant little fountain, with what looked like a sort of British pub behind it.13:05:34 The town tower again.
13:06:18 The church - very colourful roof on the spire.13:07:52 That church again.13:10:37 There were lots of these little birds around Baden, and they seemed quite tame - so I was able to get fairly close to take these pictures...
13:10:47 ...which also showed off the zoom on my new camera rather nicely!13:10:57 There' another one there as well.13:11:07 I think this is probably my favourite.
13:11:14 Oh and there's his friend again.13:24:45 Having a quick snack - coffee and a cake - in my case a Berliner.13:53:48 Walking towards the thermal baths in Baden. Lots of hotels around that area.
15:42:49 A little while later after leaving the thermal baths - not a very evocative entrance admittedly, but you'll have to take my word for it that it was quite nice inside!15:44:31 I quite liked the look of some of these spa hotels.15:45:29 Colourful houses along the river.
15:49:21 The other side of the river.15:54:43 Here's Baden Casino... errr, not really much to look at!15:55:49 Another shot of Baden Casino.
16:32:16 Back in Zurich now, here's me by a sign for Bona Dea, one of Zurich's many vegetarian restaurants (although this one looked a bit expensive so we decided not to actually eat here).16:32:24 ....me and the sign again.16:47:15 Wandering around the streets of Zurich...
16:54:12 16:58:17 That Romanesque cathedral again.16:58:37
17:02:20 Nice shot of Chie with one of the spires in the background (albeit a bit washed out).17:07:06 17:10:26
17:10:48 Nice to be able to see the mountains in the distance.17:18:40 Zurich Gnome Centre.17:54:27 An early dinner - fondue!
17:54:34 Close up on the fondue.17:57:55 We also had these unusual traditional Swiss noodles whose name escapes me.18:30:37 There's the outside of the restaurant where we had dinner.
18:41:18 A horse drawn carriage full of beer barrels going through Zurich station.18:41:33 The horses.18:42:01
18:53:57 The place where we bought some macaron as a dessert.19:06:04 Chie on the train back to the airport, taken whilst waving her off from the platform.