Travelling to Zurich - Zurich October 2009

Travelling to Zurich

Saturday 10th October 2009

I spent most of the daytime today on the train to Zurich today (Chie, who would also be joining me for the first night, cheated and just flew instead). It was a very pleasant trip as before, including a brief stop off in Paris for a quick spot of lunch. Had a very nice meal at Hiltl in the evening - a vegetarian restaurant in Zurich that has been open over a hundred years!

Zurich October 2009
10:03:22 There seemed to be a classic car rally passing through Paris as I was walking between Gare du Nord and Gare de L'Est. (P.S. note the timestamp is wrong here - I adjusted the timezone between this and the next picture).11:03:51 ...a somewhat cuter looking car, but alas not in focus.11:09:44 That's Gare de L'Est - quite a nice frontage in the neo-classic style - note the Ionic columns.
11:15:52 I think I only took a picture of this church because of my recent new found interest in architecture as a nice contrast - this is gothic, the previous picture was classical.11:30:09 My early lunch at the Autogrill in Gare de L'Est in Paris - gnocchi gratin and a mozarella and tomato salad.13:06:52 Now on the Paris to Zurich train - the scenery is quite pleasant as you pass by, but seemingly hard to capture that sense on camera!
13:48:49 A Belgian beer I had en route - Grimbergen.13:55:29 More slightly pointless scenery-from-the-train shots.15:22:26 Some mountains in the distance there, and an interesting cloud formation...
15:22:34 ....that's quite nice isn't it? No?17:37:10 In Zurich station now, after meeting up with Chie.17:37:24 ...and another one.
17:41:51 Me and Chie on the tram.17:55:14 Near Enge station in Zurich, not really sure why I took this.18:05:43 Couldn't resist it. Ahem.
18:33:52 I liked the combination of tram plus Swiss flag here.19:58:04 Later on - diner at Hiltl - the vegetarian restaurant in Zurich which has been running for over a century! Here's my starter, a salad with deep fried jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese.19:58:12 Chie and her starter - pumpkin soup.
20:26:22 I'm not sure I can quite remember the name of my main course - it was a rosti served with something I believe to be a traditional Swiss dish - in this case the used seitan instead of what would presumably be meat normally - it also had mushrooms, and was in a creamy white wine sauce with a hint of spice.21:22:31 The outside of Hiltl.21:23:22 A couple more exterior shots of Hiltl...
21:23:30 ....doesn't really look a century old from the outside, but I'll take their word for it!21:53:46 A couple of last night time shots of Zurich to end on.21:54:04 ...all these spires by the mouth of the river (where it flows into the lake) are rather nicely illuminated at night.