Hiltl and the Sch... - Zurich April 2010

Hiltl and the Sch...

Monday 19th April 2010

Dinner at Hiltl, followed by a late evening stroll around Zurich to take in the sights and see the marching bands celebrating the Schnereiuerg.

Zurich April 2010

09:21:23 My very pleasant walk to the office from my hotel in the morning, along the river.19:36:49 After leaving the office in the evening, I was intrigued by this sculpture in the front of what seemed to be some kind of wine company.20:08:54 Dinner at Hiltl: first course, asparagus ravioli. Very nicely cooked pasta, and really tasty!
20:19:51 Second course: Zuri Geschnetzeltes made with seitan and mushrooms. Had this last time I was at Hiltl as well, and really enjoyed it both times.20:38:42 The Twitter wall at Hiltl - does that recent commentary look familiar?21:30:19 Bit too dark to see here - but these were band members asleep on a couple of benches.
21:35:16 One of the many marching bands.21:35:21 ...really should have brought my proper camera out with me!21:37:16 A fountain in a little square.
21:41:36 A few not-too-bad mobile pictures of Zurich by night...21:41:49 21:42:55
21:49:16 21:49:44