Yuka Miho Sushi

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Wednesday 2nd March 2005. This was Miho's last night in England. The girls wanted to make dinner for me and Chie as a sort of thankyou for putting them up etc. So after getting back from their day out in London, they knocked up a rather excellent sushi oriented meal.

21:34:52 A bottle of sake given to me by Han-Myungsan. This was very nice!

21:35:02 A shot of the table. Some futo maki over on the left - lettuce, avocado, tamago and Japanese mayo.

21:35:12 Yuka and the contents of the table.

21:37:23 A masu (wooden sake cup) containing sake and kinpun - gold leaf. Yes, it is safe to drink, honest! You can see the little pot of gold in the background too - there's about ten quid's worth in there, and it goes quite a long way.

21:40:00 Lovely futo maki.

21:46:57 Me and Mihosan drinking sake.

21:47:29 Yuka digs in.

22:41:32 After dinner Yuka attempts to hide herself behind balloons.