Windsor Trial Run

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Saturday 6th March 2004. Me, Chie and Kev on a planning trip to Windsor to scout out pubs for my birthday pub crawl the following week.

13:21:45 Chie in the first pub, The Carpenter's Arms, showing the menu.

13:25:04 Me and Kev trying to evaluate the quality of ambience.

13:38:41 It was noted that this pub contained cats.

13:49:49 My vegetarian sausages and mash. Pretty good actually. Chie in the background there is having asparagus soup.

13:50:10 Kev went for the Cajun Chicken, which he said was good.

13:50:19 Chie's soup.

14:01:54 We thought it might be handy to take a picture of the menu for later reference.

14:21:45 Pub number two, The Horse and Groom. Lovely little pub this, but sadly far too small for our requirements.

14:32:13 The Horse and Groom seen from outside.

14:32:56 The Carpenter's Arms seen from outside.

14:50:04 The Three Tuns, mine and Kev's third pub stop. We were a bit too afraid to take a picture inside, as it seemed like a bit of a fighting pub.

14:53:31 The Two Brewers, probably mine and Kev's favourite pub of the day.

14:58:45 Inside The Two Brewers.

15:17:39 The big park near The Two Brewers.

15:17:53 The gatehouse beside the Two Brewers.

15:53:58 The King and Castle, the fifth pub we tried. A Wetherspoons, and therefore fairly predictable in many aspects. Not too bad though.

15:55:02 The Slug and Lettuce, which we didn't actually go in.

16:25:28 We didn't go into this pub (which looked more restauranty actually) either, as it was closed. This was particularly disappointing as it had started to rain.

16:35:03 Inside pub number six, The George Inn, in Eton. You can see the bridge and the castle from here (this picture is taken through the blinds). Quite nice, but more of a cafe bar than a pub really. We imagined it got very foody in the evening - not really ideal pub crawl material.

16:35:38 Kev writing down notes about The George.

16:54:53 The George Inn from the outside.

16:58:13 Pub number seven, The Henry VI. This was a nice pub, but a little bit on the rough side - perhaps just because the football (or something) was on. We put this one down as a maybe.

17:07:27 Inside the Henry VI. Pleasingly wooden.

17:37:09 A brief pause to get a picture of the sun setting over Eton.

17:41:48 Pub number eight. After some fairly disappointing results in Eton, The Watermans Arms provided something of a relief. A nice old man's sort of pub, right up my street.

17:46:31 Inside the Watermans Arms. I think we headed off to get the train just after this.