Whisky Night

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Friday 1st October 2004. An evening's whusky tasting with a few people from work and associated friends held at my flat. Only took a few pictures as we were concentrating hard on the more important issues - i.e. drinking, no, sorry, errr, tasting.

19:17:12 I wanted to get a contrived group picture, but I think I caught the guys before they were ready here.

19:17:20 Here we go, they're all paying attention now. From left to right - David, Rich, Kev and Will.

19:17:40 Same again with me instead of Will, hugging the whisky table.

20:52:13 David did a stirling job on the food side of things. Just look at that cheeseboard!

20:55:31 Chie turned up later on in the evening, and seemed to enjoy the food far more than the whisky.

22:21:34 It seemed like a good idea at the time to round the evening off with a couple of pints at the Cross Keys.

22:39:54 ...and it was just about warm enough to sit outside!

23:14:43 Having been shooed inside at closing time, me and Kev stood around for a bit whilst finishing up our drinks.

23:14:52 Kev attempting an "arty" self portrait.

23:15:24 Kev in a non-self-portrait.