Up To North Wales - Wales Easter 2007

Up To North Wales

Saturday 7th April 2007

A morning drive up to North Wales, then a work along by the sea with Dad, Janie and of course Yatesy.

Wales Easter 2007

09:01:20 Me packing our bags in Abergavenny.11:24:39 Chie with some "Cheddar Bunnies" we'd brought back from the US.11:24:48 Mmmm bunnyish and cheddary.

11:25:06 Close-up on the pack.11:26:00 This is the big reservoir we pass on the route, and often stop off at to admire the view.11:26:16 ...looks like it was a very nice day!

11:27:46 11:27:53 12:26:06 Further along the route we stopped off for chips.

12:26:10 12:28:13 12:55:27 The windy mountain road. On a good day this can be a really fun route to drive.

16:43:14 In North Wales now - this is part of Dad's ongoing nature trail, for the wilder part of the front garden.17:18:17 A lovely bit of coastline not too far from where Dad lives - great place for a clifftop walk.17:19:36

17:19:50 Yates always enjoys to have a roll about on the clifftop.17:20:40 Out to sea...17:25:15

17:26:00 Chie and Yates - they get on very well.17:28:37 Some very nice yellow flowers...17:28:48

17:28:53 17:29:19 17:30:20 Yates and the sea.

17:36:47 A sheep covered hillside.20:16:15 Yates back at the house. Chie took rather a lot of these pictures...20:16:22

20:16:57 20:18:21 20:18:34 A sunset which didn't come out very well on camera.

20:47:05 The cat!20:47:09 20:47:20

20:47:24 20:47:38 20:47:43