Birthday Lunch - Vera's 90th Birthday Weekend

Birthday Lunch

Monday 10th August 2009

The main event of Vera's 90th birthday weekend, on her actual birthday - a big family meal at a restaurant near Abergaenny.

Vera's 90th Birthday Weekend

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13:33:47 Having pre dinner drinks and looking at menus out on this deck by the side of the restaurant.13:47:15 A few attemptes to get a nice group shot...13:47:30 ....although Daniel is obviously not keen on being in the frame!

13:47:34 This is probably athe nicest, despite all the obstacles in the way!13:49:37 Daniel didn't seem to mind being in a picture all by himself though... aren't kids strange.13:49:40 Can see some of the scenery behind as well, quite a nice view from this place.

13:49:46 13:57:14 At the table now, hard to get the lighting right in here!14:02:31 Chie and her starter.

14:15:55 Daniel enjoying making a collection of bread crusts.14:16:00 Dad and Vera tucking in.15:45:29 The view from out the window - would be a bit nicer on a clearer day!

15:46:21 A view pictures of Katie and "Great Nan" Vera with the view behind them...15:46:25 15:46:28

15:46:31 ...and one of Katie by herself.15:48:14 Chie leaving the restaurant.15:52:08 ...and look, there's Yates!

15:52:14 Chie, as always, rather delighted to see Yates.16:32:11 Back at the house, a final toast to Vera with some champagne, here's me, Vera and my cousin Beck.16:36:59 ...and as if we hadn't eaten enough... here's cake!

16:37:16 16:37:24 Vera cutting her very ornate cake amidst the usual "well it almost seems a shame to cut it"...