UK March 2006

London - UK March 2006


Friday 31st March 2006

A bit of a pub crawl in London, on my last night in the UK.

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Friday 16:03 Something of a failure as regards a first picture - Duncan appears to have exploded (in fact this is the flash from his camera).

Friday 16:03 That's a bit better. So anyway, here we are in an All Bar One near Waterloo - a rather faceless first pub, but chosen simply for its convenience in meeting up.

Friday 16:34 After checking into our hotel etc, we wandered over towards the "pub district", which gave us a chance for some touristy pictures en route...

Friday 16:37 I never grow tired of the Houses of Parliament.

Friday 16:48 Another Thames side scene, including St. Paul's, the gherkin, and the Oxo tower just in shot over on the far right.

Friday 16:49 David and Duncan looking daft by the river.

Friday 17:00 First proper pub of the evening - the Black Friar.

Friday 17:09 David and Duncan inside enjoying the ambiance of the Black Friar.

Friday 17:18 One of the Art Nouveau bas reliefs that makes up this fascinating interior.

Friday 17:29 On from there, we headed North, and for some reason I determined it would be nice to get a picture of the Holborn Viaduct.

Friday 17:39 ...fitting really, as the next pub was the Viaduct Tavern.

Friday 17:48 Clearly Duncan chose the wrong side of the door to leave by.

Friday 17:49 A quick picture of the sign.

Friday 19:21 After the Viaduct, we decided to pop into my club for a couple of drams. Actually me and David had already been once earlier in the day before we met up with Duncan.

Friday 19:53 Next stop, the ever wonderful Cittie of Yorke... Just look at those sherry butts.

Friday 20:07 ...and of course the famous high vaulted ceiling.

Friday 20:25 Duncan and Simon, enjoying a pint, stood by these nice old furnace things.

Friday 20:36 Ducan, Simon and David.

Friday 20:36 Not sure why a second attempt was required, but there you go.

Friday 21:51 Food became something of a priority after the Cittie, so here we are popping for a quick curry round the corner.

Friday 22:16 Back to the important business of pubs again, here we are inside Ye Olde Mitre.

Friday 22:20 ...maybe a bit nicer to look at from the outside, photographically speaking.

Friday 22:20 Me in a bit of an advertising pose.

Friday 22:21 Duncan, Simon and the chap I believe to be the landlord.

Friday 22:21 A bit of the sign in shot there - I think this is James' handiwork - jolly good show.

Friday 22:51 A final picture in which you can see the actual mitre, up on the wall.