UK March 2006

Llyn - UK March 2006


Thursday 30th March 2006

The only full day I actually had in North Wales.

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Thursday 11:24 This is the office at my Dad's house - I rather like this picture as even Vera and Yates are in here...

Thursday 11:24 ...although Yates was not exactly hard at work.

Thursday 16:04 This is Black Rock Sands, a beach near where my Dad lives that I often used to visit as a child. Looking very bleak today!

Thursday 16:06 One special feature is that you can park your cars right on the beach.

Thursday 16:06 Yates coming to retrieve a ball.

Thursday 16:08 There's an almost ethereal quality to these pictures - the sand, sea mist and overcast sky makes these images really colourless.

Thursday 16:11 Yates was relatively undeterred by the less than favourable weather.

Thursday 16:12 Really hard to see the different between sand, sea and sky here.

Thursday 16:13 Yates goes off to investigate something.

Thursday 16:14 Dad and Yates.

Thursday 16:14 Dad and Yates again, in the strange ethereal landscape.

Thursday 16:19 Over by the cliffs, Yates explores a cave.

Thursday 16:19 The cave dog emmerges.

Thursday 16:20 One last picture of Yates by the cliffs.