UK March 2006

Dublin - UK March 2006


Wednesday 29th March 2006

A day trip over to Dublin to visit my company's office there.

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Wednesday 09:06 Shortly after setting off from Holyhead, taken from the back of the ship, as North Wales disappears into the horizon.

Wednesday 09:06 Same again at a different angle.

Wednesday 10:00 This time round I went on the Stena Line ferry, rather than with Irish Ferries. It was nice to see the Irish Ferries boat off in the distance...

Wednesday 10:03 Just some sea really! I think you might just about be able to see Ireland in the distance there.

Wednesday 10:11 Wanted to catch the sunlight glinting on the sea, but it was very hard to get a straight horizon seemingly...!

Wednesday 10:13 Nearing land now...

Wednesday 20:03 After the day's work was done, I went out for dinner with some of my Dublin based colleagues in a slightly posh restaurant very near the ferry terminal.

Wednesday 20:03 Same again with the flash - I think the first was better.

Wednesday 22:29 Back on the ferry - again I could see the Irish Ferries boat, which we slowly overtook en route.