UK March 2006

Abergavenny - UK March 2006


Sunday 26th March 2006

A day in and around Abergavenny, including a walk up the Sugar Loaf, and a drive over the Blorenge.

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Sunday 12:36 The sign at the main car park from which people walk up the Sugar Loaf. I like these National Trust signs.

Sunday 12:36 The car park, this also gives an impression of what a wet and dreary day it was!

Sunday 12:47 To begin with though, it wasn't actively raining... So here's Chie looking fairly dry at the beginning of our ascent.

Sunday 12:47 Me before I'd done any serious walking, looking full of energy.

Sunday 12:52 Chie looking full of beans with some rolling hills behind her.

Sunday 12:59 Me part of the way up, the climb starting to take its toll!

Sunday 12:59 again in portrait. Is that a bit of blue sky there, or just an error on the camera...?

Sunday 13:15 At the top now! Despite the poor visibility, the view was still pretty nice as hopefully you can just about see here.

Sunday 13:15 I always feel it is important to include a trig point (the white column thing) in any picture wherever possible, just to prove we really are at the top.

Sunday 13:17 The top is a sort of a ridge, so here's a view from the other end, back to the trig point.

Sunday 13:18 Not long after reaching the top, the weather started to turn, as demonstrated by Chie here.

Sunday 13:18 Me at the top - both too hot (from the climb) and too cold (from the wind) at the same time.

Sunday 13:19 Taking a bit of a breather prior to heading back down...

Sunday 13:21 One last view from the top...

Sunday 13:23 Heading back down now - as is often the way this proved more awkward than getting up!

Sunday 13:40 ...and the weather really took a turn for the worse on the way down.

Sunday 13:56 Here's me being battered by the inclement conditions - rare to see me with my hood up!

Sunday 13:56 Strange patch of mist in the picture here - maybe on the camera itself?

Sunday 17:37 Later on that day, after we'd gone back to Vera's to dry ourselves off, we went out for another little run in the car, to go over the top of the Blorenge.

Sunday 17:38 This was a much lazier version of outdoor pursuits - we basically just stayed in the car, with the exception of a couple of stops to dash out and admire the view...

Sunday 17:45 Over the other side now, I really liked the way these little wisps of cloud were moving along the brow of that hill - it looked more like smoke.

Sunday 17:45 Chie and our hire car parked in a little car park on one side of the Blorenge.

Sunday 17:46 An attempt to get a timer shot with both of us in for a change.

Sunday 17:54 On the way back to Vera's house we passed some fields with sheep and some little baby baa lambs in.

Sunday 17:54 Here's a slightly scraggly specimen having a wander about by itself.

Sunday 19:48 Back at Vera's now, relaxing in the warm...

Sunday 19:49 Me looking about ready to fall asleep - must be all that fresh air!