UK March 2006

Rob and Kate's Wedding - UK March 2006

Rob and Kate's Wedding

Friday 24th March 2006

Rob and Kate's wedding, held at the very nice Clandon Park near Guildford.

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Friday 14:32 Rob, the groom (right hand side) plus two of the four best men.

Friday 14:51 Chie making a phone call outside the main entrance to the house.

Friday 14:51 I wanted to fit in a bit more architecture.

Friday 14:52 A shot of the house at Clandon Park - very nice too.

Friday 16:06 Inside the foyer, a champagne reception after the ceremony, before dinner. Very grandiose surroundings - lovely.

Friday 16:07 Wanted to get in a bit of the detail of the room here.

Friday 16:48 Rob and Kate, out and about in the grounds.

Friday 16:49 Rob and Kate, very keen to defy convention at every opportunity, wanted to get a picture of the official wedding photographer.

Friday 16:50 A special moment for the happy couple outside the house... I wish I'd just moved the camera a little to the left, then I wouldn't have cut one side of the building off... ho, hum.

Friday 16:50 Rob and Kate again.

Friday 17:37 Well, this pretty much sums up the tone of pictures from here on I'm afraid. Yes - the camel was present, who then featured in just about every other photo.

Friday 20:42 Chie and the camel, trying to finish off a glass of wine.

Friday 20:43 Me and Mark, with me enjoying some of the rather nice wedding cake.

Friday 20:44 The camel clearly also wanted some wedding cake.

Friday 21:03 Me having a chat with the new Mr Lang. Errr.... OK, he's still Mr. Lang, of course.

Friday 21:03 I can't believe I had ever suggested that bringing the camel might not have been a good idea...

Friday 22:27 Chie enjoying an intimate moment with the camel.

Friday 22:44 The camel joins in on a no doubt very civilised conversation.