UK March 2006

Peak District - UK March 2006

Peak District

Thursday 23rd March 2006

A short daytrip to the edge of the Peak District whilst visiting Mum in the Midlands.

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Thursday 13:38 In Matlock Bath, where we went for the day. We'd just had a rather bad lunch (the food was OK, but the service was terrible) so Chie is not looking best pleased!

Thursday 13:50 Me, Mum and Keith by the river.

Thursday 13:52 Chie wanted to get a couple of pictures of this bridge, and my secret shame of being something of a bridge nerd compelled me to take a picture.

Thursday 13:52 1887 eh?

Thursday 13:52 Another bridge picture.

Thursday 13:53 Me and Chie on the bridge.

Thursday 14:31 This is Winster, where we stopped off on the way back for a little wander...

Thursday 14:31 ...a very nice little place in the Peak District.