UK Christmas 2006

London - UK Christmas 2006


Saturday 30th December 2006

An evening in London before Chie headed back to Japan.

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16:58:50 This is our room at the Hilton London Paddington. Rediculously over priced but very convenient.

16:58:58 The other side of the hotel room.

16:59:09 ...and from another angle.

17:02:17 I just wanted to record the insanity that a 500ml bottle of Evian from the mini bar was priced at a ludicrous 4.50.

21:27:33 Later on we met up with Akino-san and her new boyfriend for a meal at my old favourite haunt - Cafe Pacifico in Covent Garden.

21:27:53 Akino-san said my face looks a bit strange in this picture, but I think I normally look like that!

21:28:23 Nice "two shotto" here.