UK Christmas 2006

Cardiff - UK Christmas 2006


Thursday 28th December 2006

A day out in Cardiff.

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10:30:32 After arriving in Cardiff, our first port of call was the market.

10:40:08 I think this was taken just after buying some Welsh Cakes. I like the way that the lasy behind Chie is smiling too.

10:44:12 This here is one of the outer walls of Cardiff castle.

10:49:07 We decided to take a tour of the castle...

10:49:19 Chie presenting the Norman "dungeon".

10:53:00 I think I mainly liked the little gargoyle thing which presumably spouts water when it's raining.

10:54:56 The dungeon again.

11:50:21 I think this is taken after the tour of the interiors (where we weren't allowed to take pictures unfortunately). So we're inside the Norman bit now.

11:51:49 Chie in the doorway.

11:52:04 Some of the other castle buildings seen from the Norman bit.

11:53:03 Another view through an arrow slit.

11:55:04 A picture of me with lighting problems!

12:38:02 After leaving the castle, we headed down to Cardiff Bay for lunch, and here's a quick picture of the Millenium building.

12:56:57 For lunch we went to a Turkish restaurant called Bosphorus. Here's our starter which was very nice indeed.

13:23:59 Me with the vegetarian main course of the set lunch - this was also very nice.

13:24:09 Me.

13:45:18 A picture of the outside of the restaurant, which is nice as it's out on a pier.

13:56:50 Chie outside the Norwegian church.

13:57:50 ....and me in front of the Norwegian Church.

14:07:11 After a little walk around we went for a spot of ice cream - Cadwallader's has a little shop in the bay.

17:42:46 After leaving Cardiff, we went to Newport to get a lift with Robin back to Abergavenny. Whilst there we went to take a look at Newport's famous transporter bridge.

17:43:01 It's very nicely lit up at night but not sure if that really comes out in these pictures.

17:43:14 ...a bit difficult at this distance to get the whole thing in!

17:44:19 It turns out Robin had actually designed this plaque, so I was keen to get a picture with him standing proudly in front of it.