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Wednesday 27th December 2006

Driving back down to South Wales, then off to Chepstow in the evening for a meal at my aunt's house.

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15:12:24 The weather en route was pretty inclement...

15:12:46 Chie having a brief and invigorating break from the car.

15:12:55 ...same thing again.

15:13:55 Our convey (too many people/bags/dogs to fit in just the one car).

20:36:55 Here we are at my aunt's house now, having a very nice meal prepared for us by Louise.

20:43:51 Chloe the dog obviously thinks she's a human too.

21:45:19 Dad and Janie relaxing at the table after our very nice meal.

22:55:40 Nice group shot of the family...

22:55:56 ....this is what Christmas is all about... I particularly like my Dad doing the Japanese thing here!