UK Christmas 2006

Boxing Day - UK Christmas 2006

Boxing Day

Tuesday 26th December 2006

A few pictures from a walk along the coast on Boxing Day afternoon.

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14:33:25 A slightly unusual view of Bardsey through this sort of valley.

14:36:01 Dad and Janie walking up the little hill.

14:36:09 Surprisingly colourful view for the time of year.

14:37:23 Yates plods along.

14:37:34 Yates again.

14:38:27 Bardsey over there in the distance.

14:38:39 Same shot again with different camera settings (the "Best Shot" mode for scenery).

14:39:47 A little cairn.


14:40:51 Dad and Janie on the brow of the hill.

14:41:24 Yates taking a well earned rest.

19:09:08 Later on, back at the house, here's me in the kitchen.

19:09:28 ...a shot of me with my much loved Fortnum and Mason Port Ellen.