UK Christmas 2006

Christmas Day - UK Christmas 2006

Christmas Day

Monday 25th December 2006

Christmas day itself, all the usual presents and over-eating plus a short walk out to the coast.

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09:32:25 The traditional Christmas morning activity of sending out email.

09:34:38 A random picture of the back garden at my Dad's house.

11:51:03 Alex sitting in front of the tree, handing out presents.

15:57:38 After a light lunch (the main meal of the day was scheduled for dinner time) we went for a walk to the nearest bay.

15:58:06 Me standing in front of the sea.

15:58:11 Yea, it was a tad cold.

15:58:15 Not the best picture of me...

15:58:19 ...although this is even worse!

19:51:37 Later on, doing a spot of cooking.

19:52:13 Dad also busying himself in the kitchen.

19:52:37 A picture of the Rayburn.

19:52:53 I think the teatowel over the shoulder is the focus here...

19:53:09 ...and here.

19:57:44 With all the cooking basically over and done with, the chefs take a little break.

19:58:02 Me and Dad with a cracker, and Vera looking on.

20:32:51 Everyone sitting round the table for Christmas dinner.