UK Christmas 2006

Up to North Wales - UK Christmas 2006

Up to North Wales

Friday 22nd December 2006

Travelling up through Wales from the South to the North, through a very wintery landscape.

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12:48:37 This is a layby we often stop off for a quick stretch at on the way from South Wales to North Wales. Today the main reason for stopping was to take a few pictures of the amazing frost covered landscape...

12:48:42 Yes - this isn't snow, just frost. Quite amazing.

12:48:48 A frosty hillside.

12:48:56 Dad's car amidst the frosty landscape.

12:49:01 I was snapping rather rapidly here as it was quite cold and I wanted to get back in the car ASAP!

12:49:15 A frosted GIVE WAY sign.

12:49:31 Little icicles of frost on the branch of this tree.

12:49:36 More frosty branches.

12:49:53 More frosty trees.

12:49:58 OK well I think you get the idea now - it was very frosty.

13:25:30 Further on though we broke free of the frost, and were treated instead to some glorious views of Welsh mountains.

13:25:36 Quite wonderful!

13:25:40 Splendid.

16:21:05 ...and finally we made it to my Dad's house.