Tokyo September 2006

Aquarium - Tokyo September 2006


Sunday 17th September 2006

A day out with Chie's friend Enomoto-san and his wife to go and visit Tokyo Sea Life Park.

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13:48:55 This is at the station where we got off for the Aquarium. I took this picture because you can see Disneyland in the distance.

14:07:52 Chie, Enomoto-san and his wife Yuko-san, in front of the Tokyo Sea Life Park building.

14:08:58 Again, you can see Disneyland in the distance here.

14:22:56 Some very British fish - Plaice and Turbot. "I chose him out of thousands, I didn't like the others, they were all too flat".

14:23:14 Yes indeed - Plaice and Turbot. Far be it from me to waste time photographing sharks and the like when there are plaice and turbot there!

14:26:47 A big grab, I think this was in the deep sea fish tank.

14:29:47 It was a bit crowded in the aquarium, and here's me expressing this.

14:32:15 Well, we've all had our patience worn thin by halibut at one time or another, but really, there is no need for this kind of display in public.

14:33:26 Feeding time at the aquarium - the tuna having dinner.

14:36:34 I don't know why I took this picture.

14:44:09 Penguins!

14:44:51 The penguins all having a good swim about.

14:45:02 I think they've all got their heads poked out of the water, listening to the ringleader on the side giving them a bit of a pep talk.

14:50:04 I'm guessing these guys are the two head honchos.

14:57:39 Chie being mildly penguin-esque.

15:07:25 There's a union representative here supervising the lady whose job it is to feed the other penguins.

15:07:33 What a dedicated chap - observe here how he closely monitors that the bucket is being tipped up within union guidelines.

15:29:04 On the way out I think - I thought this looked a bit space agey.

16:04:20 A seemingly purposeless building nearby the aquarium.

16:05:31 A view back to the aquarium through the rain which had just started.

17:25:59 A bit later on we headed into the centre of Tokyo - Shiodome to be precise - to get something to eat. This would be very nice view from the 40 something floor of this building, but unfortunately the weather was now fairly inclement.

17:26:05 I think that is Tokyo's famous fish market down there.