Tokyo September 2006

Nagoya - Tokyo September 2006


Saturday 9th - Sunday 10th September 2006

A night out in Nagoya with Leon, Gav, Stu and Shig (for a bit at the start at least).

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19:29:53 Here we are at the start of the evening in Gaijin Towers - the apartment block where Leon used to live when he was an English teacher in Japan.

20:32:09 In a place that did tonkatsu and ebi furai - the standard kanpai.

21:31:20 The next venue was an izakaya with an automated touch screen ordering system.

21:54:57 The chaps in the izakaya.

23:29:11 ...later on, in the main venue for the evening - Club ID.

00:00:51 I think these are long island ice teas.

00:46:59 A bit of an overhead shot here, and Gav doing some pointing.

00:59:26 Stu and Gav appear to have made a new friend.

01:00:03 Stu and their new pal.

01:00:58 I think they must be looking at pictures on Gav's camera here.

01:16:26 Hmmmm....

01:35:55 I have a feeling I'm talking about something really boring here...

01:36:02 ...yes, clearly a very dreary conversation indeed.

01:42:50 I like the fact Leon has chosen not to face the camera here (you can just see some of the top of his head).

01:42:59 hmmmm....

01:43:11 This is all a bit odd.

01:43:40 Me and Leon both looking very serious.

02:21:15 After Club ID closed, we shuffled around outside a bit, and then met this gigantic Brazilian chap.

02:21:28 ....yes he's quite huge.

03:27:15 So I guess we're in the next club now - Cream, some sort of hip hop place.

03:27:45 Stu looking a bit serious.

04:00:39 Stu and Gav clearly not adversed to a bit of hip hop...

04:01:45 ...they actually seem to be enjoying themselves...

04:40:10 ...I had decided to head home at this point, and on my way back to Nagoya station I saw this cat. Errr.

05:20:20 It took me about an hour to get to Nagoya station, during which time it got light. Which was nice.

05:24:43 A bit of morning sky to finish on.