Tokyo September 2006

Gifu - Tokyo September 2006


Saturday 9th September 2006

Saturday afternoon being shown round Gifu by Shig and his family.

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14:43:00 This is a little eatery near Tanigumi temple, where we had assorted things on stick - here tofu dengaku.

14:47:35 A picture of the four of us - me, Shig and Shig's parents.

14:47:45 Oh and the same again.

15:13:45 So here's the entrance gatehouse to the Tanigumi temple.

15:14:25 Very colourful! You often see these in Japan, lots of origami cranes connected together to make these long strings.

15:15:12 Me and Shig in the temple grounds.

15:18:32 There was some significance to this pole, but it escapes me now.

15:19:29 Washing hands on the way into the temple.

15:20:30 Going up the steps...

15:21:26 Unfortunately this picture came out a little blurred - we were meant to be mimicing the poses of the statues, but not sure if that really comes across.

15:22:10 At the top of some stairs - not really sure how necessary this picture is!

15:23:07 A fish on the way in to the main temple building - it seemed to be important to rub this.

15:23:15 Shig demonstrates the necessary rubbing action.

15:31:41 Some more steps, up behind the main temple building.

15:34:23 Lots of raccoon statues round here. Having watched that Ghibli film the previous evening I took a special interest in these today.

15:34:36 More raccoon statues.

15:38:59 Me and a big raccoon statue.

15:39:59 Me and a smaller raccoon statue.

15:43:16 Shig standing in the oldest gateway in the temple complex. Apparently this four diamond shape pattern here is actually his family emblem - they've had a long running association with this temple.

15:45:03 The dog house!

15:46:05 Apparently this rock here is mentioned in the Japanese national anthem.

15:48:17 Another of the temple buildings...

15:50:08 ...this one had a big revolving bookcase inside...

15:50:17 ...apparently if you could push it right the way, 360 degrees round, you would become very wise.

15:54:17 A map of the temple complex.

16:50:33 Later on that afternoon we tried to go on the cable car in Gifu, but apparently it was closed.

16:54:38 Here's a picture of the castle at the top of the cable car run. And some squirrels. Not sure those are to scale.

17:12:57 Instead of the cable car ride, we drove part of the way up the mountain, from where we had some good views out over Gifu and Nagoya.

17:14:15 ....and quite an interesting sky as well.

17:14:24 Zooming in a bit, towards Nagoya on the skyline.

17:15:02 Me, Shig and his Dad posing with the view behind us.

17:15:45 Me crouching down so as not to obscure the view.

17:16:39 A TV transmitter in the background, and some other type of aerial in the foreground. You can tell we're broadcast engineers!

17:17:39 Another view out over Gifu/Nagoya.