Tokyo September 2006

Cooking - Tokyo September 2006


Monday 4th September 2006

A few random pictures of me cooking dinner in our apartment - first pictures with digital camera number four!

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19:15:16 Me in the kitchen, apparently feeling the heat a bit.

19:27:15 Chie with some wasabi beans we bought in Okutama.

19:29:00 Chie sitting at the table.

19:29:57 ....and not wanting to have her picture taken!

19:39:30 Here's me busily cooking away.

19:39:34 A bit of stirring etc.

19:48:15 The finished product - kimchi ramen.

19:57:25 A random picture of our tiny little telly, the Mac Mini, and the map of Japan / calendar on the wall.

20:00:01 Chie at a strange angle.