Tokyo September 2006

Friday Night with Leon, Gav and Stu - Tokyo September 2006

Friday Night with Leon, Gav and Stu

Friday 1st September 2006

The first night out of Leon, Gav and Stu's weekend trip to Tokyo.

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21:18:42 Here we are in the first venue of the evening - a bar called Office.

21:18:47 Unfortunately the first couple of pictures were on the blurry side.

22:41:14 Probably rhe best one in Office - you can see Leon and Stu here inspecting the minutes, and Gav in the background making photocopies. Marvellous.

23:19:13 Oh dear!

23:19:21 Right, here we are in the next venue for the evening. This is my manager's favourite bar - Champion, a karaoke bar in Shinjuku. Colour is a bit weird here.

23:20:00 So another attempt with the flash on. Some slight composition issues need addressing here though.

23:20:21 Great - got there in the end.

01:11:56 Note carefully the excessive amount of foam in this bottle of Corona here. This was a result of a "Japanese joke" which resulted us being sprayed with beer.

01:13:47 This chap here was actually quite a good singer.

02:49:37 Nice one Mr. Clark!

04:06:36 The next venue for the evening was a small club in ni-chome called Arty Farty, where apparently they had foam.

04:07:10 Gav posing quite shamelessly.

04:08:15 A bit of a group shot here.

05:23:38 We seemed to lose Gav and Stu during the course of the evening, and we finished up with just me and Leon in this gyudon place. A bit reminiscent of a night out in Nagoya five years ago.