Dinner with Aoki-san - Tokyo October 2009

Dinner with Aoki-san

Monday 5th October 2009

Dinner (or technically dinners) in Shibuya with Aoki-san, first at a sort of vegetable / tofu restaurant, and then later on some curry.

Tokyo October 2009
19:14:12 Here's Aoki-san in the sort of tofu / vegetable themed restaurant we went to this evening.19:14:20 Some crudités with a miso dipping sauce.19:21:05 Some steamed vegetables.
20:10:49 A Korean pancake (chijimi?).22:24:07 Still a little peckish later on, we decided to go for dinner number 2 at this curry place. Here's the machine where you put your orders in.22:26:50 Here's me with a couple of beers, and one of the staff in the background.
22:34:42 ....and there's Aoki-san and our curries.