Chofu and Tempura in Shibuya - Tokyo October 2009

Chofu and Tempura in Shibuya

Saturday 3rd October 2009

Slept in until about 2 in the afternoon today, and then headed over to Chofu to meet my friend and former colleague David, his wife Megumi-san, and their lovely baby daughter. In the evening headed back to Shibuya for dinner with my manager and his wife at a tempura place.

Tokyo October 2009
15:56:47 Here's David, Megumi-san and Chloe-chan at one of our old haunts - Grazie Gardens in Chofu.15:57:27 ...and another one without the flash on.18:33:50 Tried to take a picture of the famous "scramble" in Shibua from the station, but unfortunately the grid lines on this window rather spoil it...
18:35:26 ...oh and I also realised on the first attempt it wasn't really right as there were no people crossing!18:35:39 ....zoomed in a bit, unfortunately a bit blurry though - haven't quite figured out all the settings on this camera yet!20:30:50 My manager Andrew and his wife Pascale, at a tempura place in Shibuya where we had dinner.
20:31:06 My yasai tempura.