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Friday 28th - Sunday 30th October 2005. A few pictures from a weekend in Tokyo. A Friday evening and a Saturday lunchtime out and about in the suburbs of Tokyo. Then Sunday brunch with Lorenzo in Shinjuku.

Friday 19:37 This is in the foyer of our weekly mansion place in Hatagaya, where we are/were staying for our first month in Tokyo. The communal areas give a somewhat unrealistic idea of space - our actual flat was, as is always the case in Tokyo, pretty tiny.

Friday 20:33 In Monk's Foods in Kichijoji. I'm enjoying a Yebisu Black Beer here.

Friday 20:33 A picture of the restaurant's logo on the glass there. It was named after Thelonious Monk, the jazz musician, and consequently the music in here was great.

Friday 20:42 Our dinner - healthy and wholesome "home cooking style" Japanese food - and vegetarians catered for! There was even a note in the menu about the stock. It is so nice for me to go to a Japanese restaurant where they really understand vegetarianism!

Saturday 14:26 A late Saturday lunch in a "famiresu" - an extremely cheap and surprisingly good quality restaurant near our appartment. I think it was called something like Skylark Gardens.

Saturday 14:26 The view from the window of the restaurant, not that inspiring!

Saturday 14:33 A big plate of spaghetti, which was simple but actually very good. Also some garlic bread over there.

Saturday 14:33 Me looking a bit odd, and tucking into some exceptionally cheap spaghetti.

Saturday 14:34 Clearly enjoying it as well!

Saturday 14:36 We ordered a couple of pizzas too...

Saturday 14:36 Close up on one of our pizzas... and the best thing was the total bill came to less than 2000 Yen (under ten quid!).

Saturday 14:55 Across the road from the restaurant was "Marimo Studios", where we had a fun time watching the silhouette of a band rehearsing.

Sunday 09:40 In Pronto - a cafe/bar place in Shinjuku station, where we had brunch with Lorenzo.

Sunday 09:40 A selection of baked goods...

Sunday 09:48 Me, Lorenzo, and an espresso (apparently).

Sunday 09:48 My favourite picture of the set, I think I look a lot les stupid than in the previous two, despite sporting a croissant as a mock cigar.

Sunday 11:25 Lorenzo headed off, whilst Chie came to the platform to see me off on the train that would take me to the airport.

Sunday 11:25 I was clearly having a hard time getting us both in shot here!

Sunday 11:26 Chie on the platform, plus my luggage.