Tokyo November 2006

Izu Peninsula - Tokyo November 2006

Izu Peninsula

Wednesday 22nd November 2006

Day two of our short trip to the Izu Peninsula.

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08:24:44 View out over the bay taken just before breakfast.

08:25:32 Yet more pictures of the marvellous outdoor bath.

08:26:20 can see a bit of steam coming off here.

08:33:31 Chie having a quick paddle before breakfast.

08:37:21 I couldn't resist trying to make a couple more shapes while we were waiting for breakfast to be served.

08:40:11 The other house shape...

08:43:37 Chie sitting down for breakfast.

08:44:12 A self timer shot, not all that well timed, it also caught the lady who was taking care of us during our stay.

08:45:35 A better composed picture taken by the lady looking after our room.

09:55:35 One last shape after breakfast!

09:55:44 Oh and there's the little inlay too.

10:37:00 After checking out we went for a bit of a wander around Shimoda - here we are in front of (another) replica of Commodore Perry's ship.

10:38:35 There's our hotel - the Kurofune (black ship) - not all that wonderful looking from the outside.

10:58:55 A very big cactus.

10:59:26 An old house Chie liked the look of.

11:03:05 A monument to Commodore Perry.

11:18:32 We went for a wander along the coast, and came to this interesting little island.

11:19:26 Chie doesn't like this type of bridge all that much, it turns out.

11:23:01 Taken from sitting on the little rocky island.

11:25:36 Me and Chie taking a break on the rocks.

11:26:11 We passed a very tranquil few minutes here.

11:38:05 Here comes the black ship again!

11:38:31 Managed to get it nicely framed here.

12:31:01 Time to leave Shimosa now, and head on back up the peninsula. At the station there was a sign with the distance to Hiroshima on - 850km or something.

12:34:25 Me on the train.

12:34:40 Me popping off the train quickly to buy a drink.

12:34:49 ...and again.

12:52:20 On the way back we stopped off at Kawazu, so we could go and see some nearby waterfalls.

13:17:08 I appear to be somewhat prone to taking unnecessary pictures by coin lockers.

14:24:45 After a short bus ride, we set off down the trail which goes past the seven waterfalls.

14:25:03 I also have a weakness for taking unnecessary pictures of signs, it seems.

14:25:35 Chie heading down the steps.

14:28:08 Me with the first waterfall just visible through the trees behind me.

14:29:26 There follows something of a frenzy of waterfall pictures and I'm not going to attempt to write comments for all of them!

14:29:37 We'd wrapped up warm inititally, but as we carried on down the trail (at a fair pace, so as not to miss the bus the other end) we started shedding hats and coats.



14:34:19 Another one of those bridges Chie isn't all that fond of.


14:37:33 Slightly tropical look to this one.






14:42:24 I think this is Odoriko - the dancing girl, the subject of a local legend (or something like that).




14:46:16 My failing to get these white stones to land on top of the big boulder.

14:47:51 Self timer shot with some willow which had turned a nice shade of red.

14:48:37 Nice autumnal shot of the valley, in portrait.

14:48:43 Nice autumnal shot of the valley, in landscape.

14:52:07 Another picture involving statues - this time we thought we'd join in too.




15:02:59 En route to the last waterfall, we passed a small allotment where somebody was growing wasabi.

15:03:54 The double spiral road we'd been round earlier on the bus.

15:04:27 The final waterfall had an onsen complex built into the rockface at one side of the valley - here's Chie taking a bit of a peek into one of the caves.

15:06:25 The last waterfall, very nice too.

15:06:36 A bit better without the lamp post etc.

15:07:39 With a bit of careful positioning we could have had this waterfall coming out of Chie's mouth.


15:10:22 Chie wanted a picture of this sign as it has the name of the onsen complex on it...

15:10:27 ...and similarly this map.

16:08:04 Back at Kawazu station now, waiting for the train back to Tokyo.

16:08:27 There's the sign just to prove it.

16:14:37 Chie and the train that was going to take us back to Tokyo. A bit more modern than the one that brought us here.

16:24:39 On the train, nice to watch the sea as the light faded.

16:31:04 We also passed these weird steam tower things...

16:31:24 ...presumably something to do with a hot spring.

19:32:25 Back in Tokyo, we thought we'd round off our trip with okonomiyaki at a place we quite like in Shinjuku.

19:32:44 Chie's kimchi okonomiyaki.

19:32:54 Same again with a hera (spatula) in shot. Errr.

19:35:03 The almost finished product.

19:42:13 These sauteed Eringi made a nice accompaniment.

20:38:57 ...and finally, waiting for the last short train back to where we live, Chie with cake in hand.