Tokyo November 2006

Shinagawa and Shinjuku - Tokyo November 2006

Shinagawa and Shinjuku

Saturday 18th November 2006

A night out, starting out in Shinagawa with a meal at a restaurant/brewery, then over to Shinjuku for beers and karaoke.

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19:34:33 Here's our table at TY Harbor Brewing, near Shinagawa. Over there on the right is Osaki-san and his wife Sayaka-san. This first picture was a bit dark...

19:34:51 the flash was employed to do its standard job of making everything visible at the cost of completely killing the atmosphere.

21:25:21 Outside the restaurant, a picture kindly taken by a passer-by.

21:28:34 Some festive illuminations - a bit early for my taste, but nice nonetheless.

21:28:44 Same again with the flash on.

22:30:30 Here we are in the Asahi Beer Hall in Shinjuku, and here David and Megumi-san have joined us.

22:30:51 An odd facial expression here from me, whilst holding a couple of edamame.

22:31:01 Still edamame in shot.

22:31:28 Me and Chie.

22:31:36 ...and again.

23:32:44 Canpai!

23:56:23 Outside the Asahi beer hall.

23:56:36 Same again.

05:02:54 Look it's 5AM! This is when we left the karaoke place...

05:03:10 last group (almost) picture before trudging off home...