Tokyo November 2006

Sakana-kun - Tokyo November 2006


Saturday 4th November 2006

A trip to Yuka's university near Shinagawa to see Sakana-kun.

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15:03:51 At the entrance to the campus, a sign proclaiming the presence of Sakana-kun.

15:18:10 We could see him waiting backstage for a while, but he was obscured by security people most of the time.

15:19:14 There he is!

15:21:35 Meeting the fans...

15:22:26 Lots of people taking pictures "backstage".

15:26:34 As seen through the back of the stage.

15:29:06 Chie, Yuka, and you can just about see Sakana-kun in the background.

15:42:35 A crane. Errr.

16:21:00 A little Irish pub near Yuka's univeristy, where Chie and I decided to stop off for a quick drink and a bite to eat.

18:31:00 Here's Chie's friend, also called Chie, in Tokyo station, taking a picture of her shoes.

19:52:26 Me in the Indian restaurant near Tokyo station where we had dinner.

21:17:49 After seeing Chie off at the bus station I headed over to Ikebukuro, and changed trains at Ochanomizu.

01:58:44 Later on that night - me and some of the regulars at Quercus.

01:58:54 Another one, much the same.

01:59:33 Very friendly bunch!

02:00:07 Superbly we've managed to get Watanabe-san, the owner, in shot here as well.