Tokyo December 2006

Flying to UK - Tokyo December 2006

Flying to UK

Monday 18th December 2006

A few pictures taken on our way from Tokyo to London.

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11:09:03 Chie relaxing in the NorthWest lounge with a tomato juice.

11:09:14 Me also enjoying a tomato juice.

11:20:16 This would be my last chance to make use of my lovely internet phone...

11:20:24 ....and I also seem to have a tree growing out of the top of my head.

13:28:00 On the plane now, and we just found it amusing that they had the same brand of pretzels on the plane as we'd brought with us (a present from Yumippe I think).

13:29:33 Chie saying hi.

13:51:27 Chie's bento which looked like a fair amount of thought and preparation had gone into it.

13:51:38 My meal which was the usual zero effort vegetarian offering (although admittedly still better than other airlines).

21:47:06 A view out over the wing - the clock is still on Japanese time, but this will actually be dawn somewhere or other I think.

22:28:24 I like the little union jack at the end of the wing.