Tokyo December 2006

Moving Day Two - Tokyo December 2006

Moving Day Two

Sunday 17th December 2006

Second day of the packing/moving ordeal.

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12:46:14 Chie sorting out the paperwork for all the boxes we'd be shipping back to the UK.

13:03:27 A picture of our lunchbreak, which unfortunately isn't very well lit.

13:03:51 Chie enjoying a bento I'd picked up for her from our local supermarket.

13:04:10 Me and a somewhat more modest vegetarian bento.

16:32:03 So we've handed over the keys now, and are waiting outside the apartment block for a taxi. I wanted to get a picture with my favourite vending machine...

16:32:08 ...hmmm...

16:32:12 Seemed to be lighting difficulties here.

16:32:31 One last picture of the main entrance to our apartment building.

16:34:05 Here's Chie waiting outside our apartment block with all our luggage.